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Some of the topics discussed in this short interview with Natalie are Eminem, playing in London, and the Top Of the World song and video.

B&B: Joining us right now the lovely and talented Natalie Maines from the Dixie Chicks.
B&B: How are you?
NATALIE: I'm good.
B&B: Well, congratulations on your big wins at the Grammys.
NATALIE: Thank you
B&B: Looking great on the show. I don't know what you're doing but you just keep looking better and better.Loved the outfit and motherhood is working for you girl.
NATALIE: (Laughing) Thank you.
B&B: How nice was it Natalie to be onstage winning that Grammy and have your father behind you sharing in the moment
NATALIE: Yea, it was so exciting. I was really, you know...the Grammys are always important to us but this album's our favorite one so I think it was important for us. For people to like it. And I love that my dad has a Grammy now because I think he's one of the greatest producers and very underpaid. (laughing) Until he produced our album. And now he has a Grammy and it's great.
B&B: We noticed right after Eminem performed you and your husband Adrian Pasdar were the first ones out of your seat and it seemed like you were the only people in your row standing up giving him the standing O.
NATALIE: I love Eminem and I though that performance was awesome. The sound was great. My mom and dad do not know who they are and that was who was sitting next to the right. Then Emily and Charlie...I don't know what their feeling on Eminem but Adrian and I listen to him all the time so we know that song so we were getting into that.
B&B: Congratulations also on your performance at the Super Bowl. That was the best rendition of the National Anthem we've ever heard.
NATALIE: Thanks.
B&B: And you looked cool as a cucumber up there. I get nervous just watching somebody perform the National Anthem. Do you ever get nervous?
NATALIE: Well, it is a hard song to sing but we've had that arrangement ever since I joined the band. Martie and Emily even did it with Laura before I joined so it wasn't like it was something brand new that we're having to remember so I...we get more excited than nervous.
B&B: Natalie, the tickets go on sale this weekend for almost all of the shows in the Top Of The World tour and you guys are actually kicking it off over in England in just a couple of weeks. What's that gonna be like?
NATALIE: The last time we played London the club was full of Texans. They were all there vacationing and heard that we were coming so I'm not sure how many people in London have actually heard us play but we're going to play at Shepherd's Bush which is where the Rolling Stones used to play all the time and we actually got to see the Rolling Stones there last time we were there so it's neat to be on that stage.
B&B: Now what's the coolest country you've ever played in?
NATALIE: I think the coolest country we play in is the United States.
B&B: Well, of course. Yes but if there was a second coolest.
NATALIE: Australia.
B&B: Good. I was afraid you were going to say France and we were going to have to boo.
NATALIE: We don't have any fans in France and I think it's kind of a good thing because I like to go to France so it's probably good that I can be anonymous there.
B&B: Now Natalie you guys chose to name it the Top Of the World Tour. That's the last song on the Home CD. I know it hasn't been released as a single yet so if folks aren't familiar with the song they probably won't know what I'm talking about but I've always wondered about the character that your singing in in that song. You're obviously singing it from the perspective of a man because you mention your wife in the song but it sounds like the guy is either contemplating suicide or is dying. There's some kind of thing there that I haven't been able to figure out. What's the story with Top Of the World?
NATALIE: The person is dead and looking back at his life and his family and wishing. Just having regrets and wishing that he had been a better man and had been nicer to his daughter I think. We're actually doing something that probably no other artist has been stupid enough to do but we're going to do one more video off this album and Top Of The World probably will never be a single or anything but we're doing a video to the song but it's not going to be a single. It's because we feel like it's really worthy of a video. It just has a lot of strong visual. CMT says they'll play it so we'll have a video out there that goes along with nothing. But I guess it goes along with our tour since it's called the Top Of The World tour.
B&B: And now you know the rest of the story. The tickets go on sale this weekend. in fact, if you log onto the Dixie Chicks website you might be able to get an early shot at some of them. Natalie, thank you so much for your time and for joining us on Ben & Brian In The Morning.
NATALIE: Thank y'all.

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