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EMILY: I'm gonna whip their butts.                           NATALIE: If only my button would work.                        MARTIE: Maybe if I smile a lot I can cover up the fact I don't know the answers.

Some Stuff You May Not Know:

The "Not Ready To Make Nice" video set thee record for most consecutive weeks at #1 on VH1's Top 20 countdown. The video spent 13 consecutive weeks at #1. 

The Dixie Chicks were the only country stars on Forbes magazine's Celebrity 100 list for 2003. The tally ranks the most powerful entertainers based on earnings, media mentions and other factors compiled June 2002-June 2003. The Chicks, who earned $22 million, ranked No. 30 on the list

The Dixie Chicks landed on Spike TV's 100 Most Irresistible Women list. The list includes the most irresistible in pop culture. The Chicks came in at #88.

Wide Open Spaces is among CMT's 100 Greatest Songs of Country Music. Written by Susan Gibson, the song came in at #22.

The Chicks broke the two-day attendence record at St. Paul's Xcel Energy Center's. With 19,882 fans for the second sold-out show in a row, the country music trio topped Neil Diamond's two-night stand in October 2001. The Chicks drew 19,754 fans on Friday (June 6th). -- Star Tribune

Natalie appears in the movie "Grand Champion". It's an independent film starring Bruce Willis and Julia Roberts.

In the Michael Douglas movie 'Don't Say A Word', "Pink Toenails", a pre-Natalie Chicks song, is sung by the daughter.
The Chicks were in a Pittsburgh hotel when the found out they had their first #1 single. -- Thanksgiving Feast radio show
A pre-Natalie Chicks' song, I Wanna Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart, can be heard in an episode of Northern Exposure titled "Jules et Joel". This would be episode #5 from the 3rd season. It currently runs in syndication on the Hallmark channel.
The Chicks had 'Angry All the Time' on their list of songs to record for 'Home' but didn't tell songwriter Bruce Robison, Emily's brother-in-law, so they didn't know when Tim McGraw recorded it. -- The Journal Of Country Music Vol. 22.2
Martie and Emily paid Natalie $100 to sing the demo for 'You Were Mine'. -- The Journal of Country Music Vol. 22.2
The Chicks turned down a record deal with Warner Western, the cowboy-music label, because they didn't want to get pigeonholed as a cowgirl band. - Country America magazine
During the Lilith Fair tour, the Chicks had 3 different types of chewing gum in their backstage rider. They were Bubblicious, Trident, and Big Red Plen-T Pak. - Pulse magazine
The person who came up with the line "mattress dancin" was not Natalie or Emily but Stephony Smith. -- Fly radio show

Martie's first gig was at a place called the Pickin' Parlor in Grapevine, Texas. -- Grammy Magazine Spring/Summer 2000

Martie co-wrote with Marcus Hummon a song called "Someday" for his theatrical play "Francis of Guernica". -

The Chicks started a rumor that Natalie was pregnant with country singers Deryl Dodd's baby. - Lettin' It Rip radio show

The Chicks offered buy one ticket, get one free to college students at State College, PA on October 13,2000. 

The video Wide Open Spaces was filmed at the country music festival WestFest.
KYNG radio in Dallas was the first major market commercial country station to play the Dixie Chicks. They played "She'll Find Better Things To Do". - All Inclusive Dixie Chicks page 

The name of the man who designed the stage for the Fly tour was Luc LaFortune.

The name of the Dixie Chicks first web page was

The opening acts on the Fly tour were Patty Griffin, Ricky Skaggs, Willie Nelson, Joe Ely, Vida, Maines Brothers.

Market and Corbin were the 2 streets that made up the corner where the Chicks started. - Laura Lynch on BTM2

Providence, an NBC television show, featured "Some Days You Gotta Dance" in a scene during the 1999-2000 TV season.

Other nominees for the 1998 CMA Horizon Award with the Chicks - Trace Adkins, Jo Dee Messina, Michael Peterson, Lee Ann Womack

The Chicks made a Christmas record with two songs on it called "Christmas Swing" and "The Flip Side".

Natalie and Adrian exchanged vows at A Little White Wedding Chapel.

The Chicks declined an endorsement deal with Coca-Cola in 2000 in support of the Screen Actors Guild strike.

On their way to an audition at Riscky's Bar-B-Q, the Chicks came up with their name from the song Dixie Chicken. - Sessions At West 54th

Other name ideas bandied about by the Chicks were Puss in Boots and the Squatter's Daughters. - Lettin' It Rip radio show

Fly spent 33 weeks at #1 on the Billboard country charts.

The Chicks made their first late night appearance on Late Night With David Letterman.

Emily and Martie started in a group called Blue Night Express. The two other members of that group were Troy and Sharon Gilcrist.

Other than the chick feet tattoos, Natalie has one on her ankle which is a picture of Earth with the Latin word for peace.

The 3 contract stipulations the Chicks wanted when recording the CD Wide Open Spaces were:
Must have at least 12 songs, must be allowed to play own instruments, and have the road band play on one song.

On Rock & Roll Jeopardy, the three charities the Chicks played for were the World Wildlife Fund (Martie), VH1's Save The Music (Natalie), and National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (Emily).

Kirkland Bonik was the model on the front of the Little Ol' Cowgirl CD.

The only Dixie Chicks' song Martie sang lead on was "I Wasn't Looking For You".

In the "I Can Love You Better" video, scenes were shot at an airport, a tattoo parlor, a cake bakery, and a downtown street in Nashville,TN.

Natalie's audition tape for the Berklee College of Music consisted of 3 songs from James Taylor, Indigo Girls, and Maria McKee.

The high school Emily and Martie attended was Greenhill School.

Martie won a the BMI Songwriter/Artist of the Year award for in the year 2000.

For the Chicks very first endorsement deal, Justin Boots offered their product free to the Chicks if they posed for a poster.

The Chicks manager, Simon Renshaw, appears in the video Goodbye Earl. He's in the hospital dancing in green scrubs.

Vince Gill offered Martie a job as fiddle player in his band in 1992.

Natalie's father, Lloyd Maines, holds the record for most appearances on Austin City Limits with 18. - Natalie Maines in audience recording

The Chicks used to pile themselves and their instruments into Emily's Caprice Classic to go to the street corner.

Even after a major record deal, the trio was turned down for an appearance on an Atlanta TV show in 1998 for having a name that was "politically incorrect" (i.e. the word Dixie) - The Atlanta Journal Constitution (August 31,1999)

It was Martie's idea to add an accordion on "Heartbreak Town". - The Dallas Morning News (August 29,1999)

The Chicks raised over $100,000 in a single sell-out concert for St. Judes Children's Research Hospital on July 29,1999 in Charlotte, NC. This is the largest amount of money ever raised from a concert for St' Judes.

Natalie was in a band in college but they only played 3 gigs and then broke up. - Playback magazine (January 2000)

The Dixie Chicks became the first act in the history of the CMA awards to be nominated for Entertainer Of the Year on the strength of a debut album.

Paramount Studios, which made Runaway Bride, offered to pay for the Ready to Run video if 20% of it would be clips from the movie. But all the treatments the Chicks proposed got nixed. They wanted to do something really tame, like sing on a big wedding cake, says Emily. So the girls dumped the studio and coughed up the money for their own video. - Texas Monthly magazine (September 1999)

Sheryl Crow calls "You Were Mine" one of the best songs ever written. - Sessions At W. 54th

The album Wide Open Spaces has received the Diamond Award from the Recording Industry Association Of America for sales over 10 million. It's the first such award for a country group and marks Wide Open Spaces as the best-selling debut album in country music history.

When Natalie was a kid, she was always making up songs and melodies and words while cleaning her hamster cage. - Playback magazine (January 2000)

Martie was named one of the most influential fiddlers in America by The Washington Post in 2000.

Susan Gibson - "When the Dixie Chicks asked me to let them record Wide Open Spaces, I was nervous about letting them do it. There was nothing about the Dixie Chicks that made me hesitate, it was that I was so close to this song. I was hanging on to it so tight. I really did come close to saying no. Then when I finally heard it and I listened to it played on the radio, I got to thinking this thing could go gold. It was then that I realized that if I had held onto the song and kept it as only mine, millions of people would have never heard it and identified with it themselves." - Texas Music magazine (Fall 2000)

A jaw harp, also referred to as a jew's harp, is used in Sin Wagon to make the 'boing' sound.

Here's the story on the dedication to Jackson Miles Ezell at the end of the video for "Without You". The nine months pregnant actress in the video gave birth just a few days after the shoot, but, sadly, her little boy lived for only four days. The Chicks struggled with whether to release the video because of the tragedy, and did so only after the family requested it be dedicated to the loving memory of the baby.

Martie once wore Neal McCoy underwear in his video 'This Time I Hurt Her More'. "I was playing fiddle in one of Neals videos," she recalls, laughing. "Id worn hot-pink underwear to the shoot. They put me in this see-through white chiffon skirt. It showed right through. We were trying to decide what to do, and Neal said, Try mine. I squeezed them on. They cut off my circulation, but they got me through the video." - Country Weekly (July 6,1999)

The dobro was invented by John Dopyera (the DO) and his brothers (the BRO) in the 1920s. Emily thought she'd learn it well enough too play on one song. She loved it so much that the learning curve was really quick. Emily decided to take lessons because her Mel Bay Big Note Book could only get her so far. - Acoustic Guitar magazine (May 2000)

A sign that I have too much time on my hands:
1. The Dixie Chicks recorded "Goodbye Earl"
2. "Goodbye Earl" was written by Dennis Linde
3. Dennis Linde wrote "I Got A Feeling In My Body"
4. "I Got A Feeling In My Body" was recorded by Elvis Presley
5. Elvis Presley recorded "Loving Arms"
6. "Loving Arms" was recorded by the Dixie Chicks

Just something of interest:
August 16, 1935: Patsy Montana records "I Want To Be A Cowboys Sweetheart"
August 16, 1972: Emily Erwin comes into the world
1990: The Chicks record "I Want To Be A Cowboys Sweetheart" for 1st album Thank Heavens For Dale Evans.

The Chicks stood their ground before they even had any clout. If they had listened to executives, they say, their biggest hit, Wide Open Spaces, would never have been put out as a single. The coming-of-age anthem, with its alternative-sounding arrangements, struck the label brass as too left of center for radio. - Texas Monthly magazine (September 1999)

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