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This three hour countdown show of the top 25 songs in country music is produced by Premiere Radio Networks. This show featured a phone interview with Martie and the #3 song Travelin' Soldier.

Host: Jeff Foxworthy
Airdate: March 8-9, 2003

(Some host comments not effecting the show have been edited out)

JEFF: Leon, get me my Chicks Rule hat and a pimiento cheese sandwich. I think this is going to be Martie Maguire from the Dixie Chicks. Hello

MARTIE: Hey Jeff.

JEFF: Hey. Everybody that comes on the show we have two questions for them. First of all, where are you?

MARTIE: New York City

JEFF: And two, what are you wearing and you gotta tell the truth.

MARTIE: Black shirt with a fiddle on it and a shearling coat and a red scarf. It's freezing in here.

JEFF: I cannot believe this. We are dressed exactly alike today. How 'bout that.

MARTIE: (laughing) Really? Do you have your fiddle shirt on in honor of me?

JEFF: And my shearling coat too. Let me ask you the important stuff first? How do you like being an aunt?

MARTIE: I haven't figured out the whole diaper...diaper sniffing thing. Like I always think that if the baby's crying he's either hungry or there's a dirty diaper so every time I go to change the diaper there's nothing there. How do you do that? Do you really have to get your nose up in there?

JEFF: Yea, you kind of learn. And I think I said a long time ago that changing a diaper is kind of like opening a birthday present from your grandmother. You're never sure whats going to be inside but you're pretty sure you're not going to like it.

MARTIE: (Laughing) Thats so perfect.

JEFF: You guys just continue to amaze me because most of last year you took off and kind of had a semblance of a normal life and then you come back out with Home and it's like the thing never stopped. It's right back where it was. Does that shock you a little bit?

MARTIE: Oh yea. Thank God. I'm so glad this album has done what its done. I was a little surprised to see how well Home was accepted not so much by radio, a lot of people say that, but by the fans. You just wonder if they can kinda go on this journey with you where you hit new places and you reinvent yourself and you move on to new territory. I just remember early on when we were a bluegrass band and we got drums. We got all this hate mail. 'You can't have drums. You're not a band that has drums.' Like people freak out if you do anything different and our audience has just been so cool and open to this new sound.

JEFF: Talking about singles and the current one Travelin Soldier. Tell us a little bit about the song. Where'd you find that one?

MARTIE: It's on Emily's brother-in-law's record. He wrote it. Bruce Robison and he is a great songwriter. So we've been getting songs from him for a long time and this was one didn't seem to fit on Wide Open Spaces or Fly and when we were doing Home it just seemed to fit. And it really wasn't inspired by 9/11 or anything that was going on but isn't it great timing. I think people are liking the sentiment of it in that it's not a pro-war song but it's not an anti-war song. It's just kind of a reality of what war does song.

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