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This is a one hour show produced by Westwood One Radio Network. It featured soundbites and 2 songs from the Chicks.

Host: Ramblin' Ray
Airdate: September 7-8, 2002

(Some host comments not effecting the show have been edited out)

RAMBLIN' RAY: The album is a little bit different from their first two CDs. Natalie, Martie, and Emily say they know it's different but the album reflects where they were in that special place in their lives when they were making it.
MARTIE: I think I was a little nervous about just maybe losing the younger audience because it's not as in your face and stuff as our other records but I think the ones that come with us -- I think a lot of them will and grow with us as we grow cause we can't stay the same and if they're true fans then hopefully they'll come.
NATALIE: I can see teenagers going with us here but you know we're prepared for that. We just made the record that we wanted to make and I couldn't imagine us making a different record right now.
Long Time Gone
RAMBLIN" RAY: Can't you just see Natalie singing and dancing onstage when she sings that song. The girl just gets ya. As you can imagine, once the album was released a lot of radio stations started playing the next single. It was originally recorded by the rock group Fleetwood Mac way back in the 70's. It's called 'Landslide'. The Chicks performed it on TV with Stevie Nicks who actually wrote the song and the Chicks say "You know what? We can relate to this song."
NATALIE: To me, it's just about accepting age and change. Someone asked me the other day about what I thought the song was about and that's what it's about for me. Just feeling like I'm getting older and accepting that and sort of embracing it.
EMILY: I'm excited about bringing it to kind of a new generation of people who may not be as familiar with her as they are with someone like else and if we're a bridge back for younger people to discover her music, I think that's kinda cool too.

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