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This three hour countdown show of the top 30 songs in country music is produced by Westwood One Radio Network. This show featured soundbites and 6 songs from the Chicks.

Host: Evans & Andie
Airdate: October 27-28, 2001

(Some host comments not effecting the show have been edited out)
ANDIE: Last year, the Chicks began headlining their own concerts and Martie Maguire says along with the glory there's also a lot more pressure.
MARTIE: One night we were on stage and we had played three songs and the sound system blew up. No sound. Not even a PA overhead to tell everybody what had happened or anything so Natalie started dancing across the stage. So we had to walk off the stage and some people started booing. How do you let them know 'okay, the sound system blew'. We can't do anything.
NATALIE: Or we're coming back.
MARTIE: Just big things like that are so stressful. when it's not your tour, you don't have to worry about it.
Ready To Run
ANDIE: The Dixie Chicks made a pact before they were famous to get chicken feet tattoos for every #1 single and gold or platinum CD and Martie Maguire says they intend to stick by that promise.
MARTIE: We're definitely becoming the tattooed freak show ladies. But it's a pact. I mean once you've got a promise amongst good friends, I mean, we're not going back on it. they might just have to trail off into the distance, get a little smaller.
Without You
ANDIE: The Chicks are currently on hiatus but they aren't totally out of circulation. Martie and Natalie say they all have projects in mind.
MARTIE: There's so many artists I think we want to just go out and jam with. I know I do and last year we did a Robison family Christmas thing since Emily's married to Charlie and it's all one big musical family and I'm sure if Natalie wants to be included in that she can do that too. Lots of projects.
NATALIE: It's also fun to do different musical solo projects, collaberations and things but all three don't have to agree on to do.
MARTIE: Natalie's on, singing on Stevie Nicks new album. So lots of individual oppurtunities come along and we want to be able to do those.
I Can Love You Better
EVANS: The Chicks say they don't know much about picking hit singles. So they just make sure that every song on their Cds is something they can be proud of.
NATALIE: I think every song on our album. I mean, everyone always asks what are the hits. You know, the label would be happy with 5 singles and we want 13 singles.
EMILY: And is a hit something that sounds like something else. I don't think so. I think it's something that sets you apart.
MARTIE: Way before it becomes a single, we look at our website and we hear all the fans rank the #1 song on the record.
There's Your Trouble
EVANS: The Chicks starred in their own TV special last year and Natalie says they also came close to having their own cartoon series.
NATALIE: We were offered one I think but we're no Jackson 5. So we're gonna, we're actually a little bit scared to see how we would look animated. What features would they...
MARTIE: They accentuate certain features.
Wide Open Spaces
ANDIE: Some people might wonder why the Dixie Chicks would take time off right as their career is on a roll but Martie thinks it's an investment in their future.
MARTIE: Sometimes I think people need a break from us. We get sick of ourselves, seeing us on everything and it's nice. I think Shania's been smart about that. just letting her career ebb and flow and not being afraid to just step out of the limelight for a little while. I think that's a good idea sometimes.
Some Days You Gotta Dance

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