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This three hour countdown show of the top 30 songs in country music is produced by Westwood One Radio Network. This show featured soundbites from the Chicks and 7 songs including #4 "If I Fall You're Going Down With Me".

Host: Harmon & Evans
Airdate: May 26-27, 2001

(Some host comments not effecting the show have been edited out)

HOSTS: The Chicks began with Emily and Martie playing on street corners intheir hometown of Dallas Texas and Emily says things just snowballed from there.

EMILY: Martie and I both hostessed at restaurants before and it just wasn't really our thing. So we thought 'You know, why don't we open up the guitar case, see what happens'. So we went down to the city hall, got a permit, made sure it was legal and everything. Timed it just right when all the conventioneers were coming out of the big halls and made about $375 in the first hour. So we thought 'You know, this could probably work out somehow'.

1. Wide Open Spaces

HOSTS: They each get a chicken foot tattooed on their feet for every milestone they achieve. Natalie says it all started as a joke that just kind of got out of hand.

NATALIE: We were trying to think of some sort of pact we could make with each other and I just mentioned let's get a tattoo for every number 1 or gold or platinum album and they said yes and I couldn't believe it so I made them stick with it.

2. Without You

HOSTS: Martie teamed up with a popular Nashville songwriter named Marcus Hummon for a couple of songs on the Chicks FLY CD. Martie thinks we can expect plenty more songs like that in the future.

MARTIE: I just love him as a person and as a writer and an artist. So I was real excited to get to write with him. He's so sweet and down to earth. He made me not feel intimidated. Of course, all the songs that he'd written I was intimidated but when I met him we just clicked and I feel like we write good songs together and I definitely wanna write more with him.

3. Ready To Run

HOSTS: The Dixie Chicks never seem to play by anybodys rules but their own and Natalie thinks that's the reason they've connected to a lot of younger fans.

NATALIE: I just get to live this life once and if I can't live it being myself, that's kind of a shame. So, I mean, I get myself in trouble sometimes but it's worth it cause I'm not gonna be something that I'm not. And I think that's one thing that people our age relate to as well.

4. Tonight The Heartache's On Me

HOSTS: The Dixie Chicks made a lot of noise their first time on the countdown with the song I Can Love You Better. Martie says it didn't take a lot of debating to decide on that one as their very first release off their Wide Open Spaces CD.

MARTIE: It was something that just made you wanna get up and dance. And we did it in a lot of live shows before we ever decided to put it on the album and it was one that the dance floor just would 'wheeeew', you know, all the people would pack the dance floor and loved it.

5. I Can Love You Better

HOSTS: The Dixie Chicks figure once they finished up a CD it deserves just the right title but Martie says it's not always that easy.

MARTIE: Wide Open Spaces was just the clear choice the first time around cause that song meant so much to us and we related to it. And this time around we just felt like there were so many songs that we related to that we couldn't pick one and Fly just seemed like a word that summed up how it felt after all these great things were happening to us. We just feel that feeling of flying. That's the only way to describe everything that's happened to us.

6. If I Fall You're Going Down With Me

HOSTS: The Dixie Chicks topped the countdown the beginning of last year with Cowboy Take Me Away, a song written for Emily by her sister Martie. That song had its premiere performance at Emily's wedding and Emily thinks they may not have picked the best time.

EMILY: It was kind of touching that it was about me and on top of it I just loved the song so much. We sang that at my wedding. We'd had too much fun at that point so we didn't do a very good job of it but it was touching nonetheless. I just love it. It's one of my favorite songs.

7. Cowboy Take Me Away

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