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This is a two hour show produced by Huntsman Entertainment featuring many of the current hitmakers in country music. This show featured "Without You" and soundbites from the Chicks about arena shows and dealing with rumors and tabloids.

Host: Devon O'Day
Airdate: September 15-17, 2000

DEVON O'DAY: The Chicks have had a busy summer. They garnered rave reviews as they crisscrossed the country on their sold out FLY tour. In fact, when they played Radio City Music Hall even Rolling Stone magazine gushed. In July they did themselves proud on VH1's Rock & Roll Jeopardy. The Chicks laid the groundwork for their eyepopping stage show last year when they decided bigger is definitely better.

EMILY: Well, we decided kind of based on last year that our favorite venue was the arena because it has a lot of feedback. You get that roar of the audience where you can hear everything coming back at you. I think it also lends itself to, it can be any time of day but looks like it's nighttime and the lights look good and the stage. You can really do a great stage show.

DEVON O'DAY: Like other superstars, the Chicks were chagrined to discover that once you get in the spotlight your lives become fodder for the tabloids.

NATALIE: You see how many tabloids are bought, so you know those people are reading that garbage and so that's what I think about it and it makes me mad. And it's so cute to see on the website, you know there'll be someone going ''Why'd they do this. I hear Natalie's trying to have a baby.' And then you'll get the diehard fan going ' She is NOT! You're so stupid. You're not supposed to believe that stuff.' (Laughter from all 3 Chicks)
We really have fans that try to protect us and they're the ones who are right. You know, we've always been very open and vocal and if anything's ever true...

MARTIE: We'll claim it.

EMILY: We'll be the first to admit it.

NATALIE: And if there is anything to make fun of, we'll be the first ones to make fun of ourselves. And I think that kind of ruins it, people who want to gossip or talk about us, because we say everything before they can say it. Nothing's secret. Nothing is to hide. Yes, we have our private personal lives but that's only fair. Everyone does.

DEVON O'DAY: Of course sometimes tabloids are right. Natalie is pregnant and due in April.

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