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This is a one hour show produced by Westwood One Radio Network. It featured soundbites and 5 songs from the Chicks, including a live version of "I Can Love You Better".

Host: Ramblin' Ray
Airdate Weekend: March 11/12, 2000

(Some host comments not effecting the show have been edited out)

RAMBLIN RAY: My featured artist this week are the 3 ladies who need no introduction. We're talking about the Dixie Chicks. They just picked up a couple Grammy awards which brings their total now to four. Lead singer Natalie Maines says the recognition has changed how she feels about awards.

NATALIE: It's so funny growing up I always thought I'd be the type of person who left it on the award stand because I don't think that talent should be judged and compared. And now I'm like 'That's mine. That's mine. That's mine.' (Laughter from all 3 Chicks)
There really isn't about winning. It really is just a feeling of being recognized. You put your heart and your time into projects and into performing and into your career and it's nice to have those things recognized.

Ready To Run

RAMBLIN RAY: If you happened to watch the Grammys a few weeks ago, you probably saw the Dixie Chicks perform their new single. It's called Goodbye Earl and it has an unusual twist on an abusive relationship. The group's lead singer Natalie says she's surprised the song has generated so much controversy.

NATALIE: I think we're still trying to weed through what we think about it because we never thought it would be up for this much discussion and everyone else's questions are kinda making us have to find answers because we just like the song and thought it was funny and thought it was a good little twist on a story that usually ends the other way around and I personally have a little vendetta against O. J. Simpson so maybe it's revenge. But we're really blown away that it's causing so much controversy. It's a funny song about a serious subject and that's the only way we would do something like that. I just sort of feel like people need to relax about it.

Goodbye Earl

RAMBLIN RAY: Now sometime in this next few weeks, we're expecting them to announce their summer 2000 tour. They're obviously pretty excited about it because it will be the Chicks first headline tour. A few weeks ago, Natalie, Martie and Emily had this to say about the upcoming tour.

EMILY: We know as far as opening acts and the bill that we want to put together. We want to do something different there, maybe incorporate more veteran acts that need to be put back in the spotlight as opposed to having some up and comers.

NATALIE: We do put a lot of value on the live show and the tour. So I know we'll be spending money to make it worth the ticket price that people pay.

MARTIE: Yeah, just make it something that nobody can get at any other concert.

I Can Love You Better (live concert version)

RAMBLIN RAY: Now that they've become so successful, there have been a lot of questions if they would cross over to pop music like several other of the sellouts. I mean artists. The Dixie Chicks say they're not gonna change their sound for anyone.

MARTIE: We're not gonna actively promote ourselves in any other format but country music. We are true to this format and if other stations wanna manipulate our songs or they wanna play our songs, it's wonderful and great I think. It's understood that once you've sold that many records, you are crossing over into audiences that don't just listen to country and we think that's great for country music but we wanna be always waving the country flag. You know at Lilith Fair, we weren't going on Lilith Fair to try to be something else and people would ask us 'Are you changing your set? Are you throwing in different songs for the Lilith audience?' and we're like, no, we're gonna hit 'em over the head with what we do best.

Wide Open Spaces

RAMBLIN RAY: They've just won 2 Grammy awards. Their albums have sold millions and millions and they've had hit after hit. And of course just a few years ago no one knew who they were. We had a chance to ask Martie how it makes her feel.

MARTIE: Sometimes I feel a little uncomfortable winning so many things or achieving so many things so fast. Not because I don't think we can handle it but sometimes I worry about the perception. I don't know, we haven't had enough time to really earn it and I know we've been together for ten years and stuff but at this level we haven't been here very long. So sometimes I think maybe the critics would be nicer if maybe we didn't have everything handed to us so quickly and I don't feel like we're not ready to take on that challenge. I mean, I feel like anything that's thrown at us we can do it with confidence and I don't feel like we're in over our head in anyway.

Cowboy Take Me Away

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