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This is a one hour show produced by Westwood One Radio Network. It featured soundbites and 5 songs from the Chicks, including a live acoustic version of "Wide Open Spaces".

Host: Ramblin' Ray
Airdate Weekend: September 4/5, 1999

(Some host comments not effecting the show have been edited out)

NATALIE: I think one reason we're successful is because we're honest. We're not out here trying to put on an image or say the right thing or be the right thing 'cause we're living our lives and if we can't live them -- who we are -- then it's not worth it.
RAMBLIN' RAY: And the Dixie Chicks are ready to live it up with their brand new CD. From the time their debut CD Wide Open Spaces came out, Natalie Maines and sisters Martie Seidel and Emily Robison have been redefining success. They've had a string of hits, a bunch of awards and their CD has sold over 6 million copies. Now, their follow-up album Fly has just arrived in stores and Emily says don't expect more of the same.
EMILY: We didn't want to approach this next album and redo a Wide Open Spaces. It was real important for us to grow and to move on and do things that we were excited about in the present. I think there's a lot more picking on it because we did write five of the songs on there. I think it's a lot more of us coming out. Things that we write about pertain to us. I would just say it's an extension of who we are.
1. Ready To Run 
RAMBLIN' RAY: In the last year, the Dixie Chicks have racked up a bunch of awards. Grammys, ACMs, CMAs and all sorts of stuff. They're gonna be up for more at the Country Music Association Awards later this month. The ladies credit their success to the chemistry they share.
MARTIE: I think first you have to relate to one another and be friends and have a connection further than just being three people who are, you know, forced together. I think the fact that we all three are each others best friends and sisters makes it kinda click for us.
NATALIE: I think another thing too is we all realize our place. I'm not trying to play the fiddle and they're not wanting to hog the spotlight like I do (laughter).
EMILY: Like she does.
NATALIE: I said you all aren't.
2. If I Fall You're Going Down With Me
RAMBLIN RAY: The trio has been busy this year. They made a new CD and all the touring. Now in the spring, they were part of that huge George Strait country music fest and then the summer had them out with Tim McGraw and they've been doing dates on the all female Lilith Fair. The Chicks were one of the two country acts on that bill. Martina McBride was the other. We asked them how did it feel to be country music ambassadors.
NATALIE: It feels great and we're glad that other genres of music are represented too. More than country music. I mean we definitely want to represent country but more that it is the instruments that they play. we felt like that was lacking in Lilith Fair. A lot of people play guitar but banjo, dobro, and fiddle -- they hadn't had girls up there playing those instruments -- and that's what we wanted to show everybody is that girls play those instruments too.
3. Wide Open Spaces (live)
RAMBLIN' RAY: We're featuring the group's new CD but the Dixie Chicks also have a cut on another new album. It's Asleep At The Wheel's tribute to Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys. It's called Ride With Bob. Now the Dixie Chicks all grew up in Texas so western swing is in their blood, especially lead singer Natalie Maines, whose dad is a renowned steel guitar player in the lone star state.
NATALIE: It was awesome and I think when I was younger I took it for granted. I didn't really realize how awesome it was growing up in that house and being around musicians and the people that I was around. Now I realize that everything I've gotten from this industry has been from him and I think one reason we're successful is because we're honest and that's the main thing I took from my father is he's very -- he's always instilled it in me to be who I am and to stay true to myself or else it's not worth it.
4. Roly Poly
RAMBLIN' RAY: The Chicks say they were all in different stages of love when the album came together and it shows in the songs that they choose and wrote. Martie's been happily married for 4 years, Emily got married during the making of the new album and at the same time Natalie unfortunately was going through a divorce.
NATALIE: Just to get it straight. I'm very happy and there was never a -- maybe there were some tears shed just 'cause it's so hard to tell other people 'cause you feel like you failed. It's hard when everything's so wonderful and everything's going so great yet you still don't feel good. So it was a good decision and I'm very happy I made it. Emily -- I would just tell her -- don't let being around me make you have second thoughts or get you worried or anything 'cause her and Charlie have the love that I hope to find someday.
5. Hello Mr. Heartache

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