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Produced by Huntsman Entertainment Inc., this is a 1 hour special celebrating the life and sound of Bob Wills and album from Ray Benson and Asleep At The Wheel that brings Bob Wills' music to life once again. This special featured the Chicks version of Roly Poly as well as soundbites from Natalie and Martie. It also has Sound Alike/Mystery Voice versions of Bob Will's "a-ha".
Host: Ray Benson and Bill Cody
Airdate: August 1999
RAY BENSON: You know, a few years ago three pretty young gals got together down in Texas singing on street corners. They call themselves the Dixie Chicks. Their debut album has turned the talented trio into instant superstars. You know, we've known the gals a long time and have worked with them all over Texas and all over the country. You might say that singer Natalie Maines went into her father's business. She's the daughter of legendary steel guitar player, Lloyd Maines, who's played with Asleep At The Wheel and countless other Texas acts. She recalls being influenced by Western swing at an early age.
NATALIE: I can't say I was a fan from childhood. I think living in Lubbock and my dad being in the industry I rebelled a little bit but now it's definitely come full circle and country music and Texas are in my soul and Bob Wills definitely. I used to impersonate. My dad can tell you all about it.
RAY BENSON: Martie Seidel plays a pretty dang mean fiddle and what fiddler doesn't love Bob Wills. Bob had his own way with a bow of course but he could also count on long time Texas Playboy Johnny Gimble. Perhaps the best fiddleman ever and one of Martie's biggest heroes.
MARTIE: We did a show with him and he was so sweet. I was probably, I don't know, 18 or 19 and I'd never seen a five string fiddle before and he wanted me to come up and play his fiddle. So I got up on stage, very nervous, very young, and I get up there thinknig there are 4 strings and I go down to that low 5th string and I couldn't really hear myself in the monitor so I just start wailing away on the wrong string and who knows what he must have thought. But then a couple of years later we played with him again and he said call me anytime. Gave me his home phone number outside of Georgetown, Texas one time and I just about fell over. I thought this is great that somebody of that caliber of playing, that's played with the best would be that down to earth and be willing to kinda take the younger generation under their wings. So I hope when we get older and wiser and better pickers we can kind of reach out to the younger too 'cause I think that's why we've continued to do it for so long.

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