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This is a one hour show produced by Westwood One Radio Network. It featured soundbites and 4 songs from the Chicks as CCE looked at the top new stars of 1998.

Host: Ramblin' Ray
Airdate Weekend: December 26/27, 1998

(Some host comments not affecting the interview have been edited out)

RAMBLIN RAY: The Dixie Chicks received a lot of support in 1998 making them the top new stars of the year.
MARTIE: The most surprising thing to me is how the other artists in country music have really been encouraging and people we don't even know that are in the business send us flowers and when we went gold or platinum. That's really cool. I just love that about country music. All the artists are really supportive.
RAMBLIN RAY: There's no question that the most successful new act of the year has to be the Dixie Chicks. Just one year ago they were only dreaming of country stardom.
EMILY: My personal goal for this band is just the longevity factor. So for the next year, I really think just getting our foot in the door, having some singles out there that people are relating too and liking.
NATALIE: And going platinum. that's all (laughter). we don't ask much.
MARTIE: The Horizon award would be nice.
I Can Love You Better
RAMBLIN RAY: By the summer, they had their first #1 song and shortly after that, their debut album went gold and then platinum. With each new milestone they reach, they got chicken foot tattoos.
EMILY: Don't ever go first at a tattoo parlor. That's my little piece of advice. It looks more like a talon than a chick foot. Kinda big.
NATALIE: But we think that the chick foot size is going along with the size of the actual foot so mine are the smallest and Emily's got talons (laughter). But they don't look like people think. I don't know what people thought cause this is what was in our heads but they're just simple four lines of black ink.
There's Your Trouble
RAMBLIN RAY: Just a few months ago, they won two CMA awards. They picked up Horizon Award for top newcomer plus the prestigious Group Of The Year award. Now that's big stuff. Now being on stage accepting awards was a long way from where they were at last year's CMA awards.
EMILY: We were in the last seat of the house watching the CMA awards. We got some tickets. Somebody got sick or something and we got all dressed up and we had these outfits on.
NATALIE: Went to Taco Bell in the limo drive thru and we left early 'cause it's much more fun when you're winning. (laughter)
Wide Open Spaces
RAMBLIN RAY: So what's ahead for the Dixie Chicks in 1999. Well first, there's talk that they might be part of George Strait's next country music festival but they also released a new single written by the two sisters in the band, Emily and Martie. The name of the song is You Were Mine
EMILY: That's a song, we like to say we're too young to have any baggage of our own so we have to steal from other people and Martie and I's parents were divorced when Martie's in college. I was in high school and it's kind of a song based on our parents divorce. It's loosely based on it. We get a lot of responsefrom thatone. There's a lot of parents getting divorced for people our age so once again it touches on kind of a common universal thing.
You Were Mine

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