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Christmas Swing
written by the Dixie Chicks and friends

The turkey in our radar range has roamed too far from home
We mailed our Christmas wishes in, now Santa's on his own
Momma wants some tupperware, Daddy wants a Stetson
There's snow on all the prickly pear, the winter round-up's done,
It's sleepy-time for cowgirls, the night has just begun
And that ol' Lone Star shines bright down on every Texan

It's Christmastime in Texas
People go a-caroling
Divinity 'n mistletoe
And sing-a-longs with Bing
But we rosin up the fiddle
And do the Christmas Swing

Now Laura wants some go-go boots, a slinky in her sock
And add a pearl for Robin and a wind-up Snoopy clock
Martie wants a Barbie, Emy wants a rhinestone ring
Well Santa's coming south to see us, his team of longhorn flying
Cowpokes know they best be good 'cuz Saint Nick may be spying
Let's two step, cowboy, to the Christmas Swing

So blow you ol' blue northern
And make the cowbells ring
From Abilene to Beaumont
Folks sing along with Bing
And if it snows in late December we don't care!
We'll do the Christmas Swing
The Flip Side
written by Robin Lynn Macy, Lisa Brandenburg and Laura Lynch. arranged by Martie Erwin and Larry Seyer

In the world of high technology and store-bought Christmas trees
We've put away our phonographs and black 'n white T.V.s
We hang up plastic mistletoe, we light the logs with gas
But this here is the flip side, an old ghost of Christmas past

Remember forty-fives in stacks and slumber party snacks
When girls were not allowed to leave their fathers' house in slacks
We still believed in Santa Claus, we still built things to last
And this here is the flip side, a skip back to the past

Homemade gifts and recipes and old tales to exchange
At afternoons gathered 'round my mother's radar range
The candles lit, the doorbell rings, we'll put on Vaughn Monroe
And warm our hands around the hearth with friends we've come to know

This is the flip side and when the record's through
We'll remember simpler times when most folks drove and seldom flew
Should old acquaintance be forgot, should Barbie break with Ken
Just move the record needle back and play the past again

Just move the record needle back and play the past again

You send me
Darlin' you send me
I know you send me
Honest you do
Honest you do
Honest you do

Whoa, you thrill me
I know you thrill me
Darlin' you thrill me....

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