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Release Date
August 27,2002
Recorded at Cedar Creek Recording Studio, Austin, Texas
Produced by the Dixie Chicks and Lloyd Maines
After a year long legal dispute with their record company, the Dixie Chicks acoustic album 'Home' was released to rave reviews from critics and fans alike. It debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 chart and the country chart. Home sold nearly 780,000 during its first week and became the third Chicks album to be awarded the Grammy for Country Album of the Year. Like Fly, it was also nominated for Album of the Year. The first single from the album, "Long Time Gone", was the fasting rising single for the Chicks, eventually peaking at #2 on the country chart. Home finished the year as the 4th biggest selling album of the year with over 3.7 million copies sold in the US. Sales dropped after Natalie criticized President George Bush during a concert in London, England in March 2003.
The Band
Natalie Maines: lead vocals
Martie Maguire: harmony vocals, fiddle, mandolin, viola, violin
Emily Robison: harmony vocals, banjo, dobro, accordion, guitar, papoose
Lloyd Maines: slide guitar, papoose, weissenborn, acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar
Bryan Sutton: guitar, papoose, baritone guitar
Adam Steffey: mandolin, octave mandolin
Glenn Fukanaga: bass
Paul Pearcy: percussion
John Mock: percussion, uillean pipes, tin whistle, bodhran
Byron House: bass
Chris Thile: mandolin
Emmylou Harris: vocals
Sara Nelson: cello
Lara Hicks: viola
Leigh Mahoney: violin
Stephanie Abdeti: violin
Track By Track
1. Long Time Gone (written by Darrell Scott)
NATALIE: "We went to our favorite songwriters personally for this album and Darrell Scott -- who wrote "Heartbreak Town" on Fly -- came up with this one. "Long Time Gone" was mainly just about the groove and the feel. It was a fun song to play and we loved the lyrics as well. And because it's the first single, the song was a great way to bridge the old sound with the new.
EMILY: We are such big fans of Darrell Scott and this song hit me the second I heard it. It's so Dixie Chicks, with its funky rhythm and matter-of-fact words.

2. Landslide (written by Stevie Nicks)

MARTIE: Natalie brought that song to the group, and it's an interesting choice because she wanted to do kind of a bluegrassy version of the Fleetwood Mac song. At first I thought that, since Smashing Pumpkins had already done a version, maybe it had been overdone. But when we started working in Natalie's living room with her dad, it really spoke to me. I don't know whether it was Natalie's approach vocally or Emily's decision to play banjo on it, but it suddenly gave the whole thing a different twist.

NATALIE: I've always been a Stevie fan, but I never connected to the music the way I have at this age, especially that song. I heard "Landslide" in the car one day and I completely related to it. I've known that song forever, but somehow I never felt the song before. I talked to Stevie about this and it turns out she wrote the song when she was 27, which is how old I am. I really identify with the idea that she was feeling the same things that I'm feeling at the same time in my life.

EMILY: My motto has always been: Don't redo a song if you can't do it better or differently. I knew we couldn't do it any better, but I thought we could possibly do it differently. Now it's one of my favorite songs on the album.

3. Travelin' Soldier (written by Bruce Robison)

EMILY: My brother-in-law Bruce Robison wrote this and when we decided to do something more acoustic on this album, we kept coming back to this song because we're all big fans of Bruce's writing. That was one of the first songs we recorded for the project and it was always on our "for sure" list.

NATALIE: That song is about the Vietnam war. Bruce has such a beautiful way of writing about a subject that has been written about before. We had no idea when we choose that song that it would relate so well to our world today.

MARTIE: The first time I heard that song was on Bruce's album. Emily said, "You've got to hear this song" and she played it for me. I instantly thought it was one of the best songs he had ever written. I think it's such a sweet approach to a heavy topic.

4. Truth #2 (written by Patty Griffin)

EMILY: That's one of two new songs we did by Patty Griffin who we were proud to take out with us on the Fly tour. What do I love about Patty? She's just so raw and candid about her experiences. I've often wished I had more emotional baggage so I could be a better songwriter.

NATALIE: If I could be anybody as a songwriter I would want to be Patty. I think all her songs are truly about somebody or something. It's not like she's developed a hook and then had to write a song around it, which is what a lot of songwriters do, myself included. She draws from so much life experience and people around her. We got both of those songs from an album of hers that was never released which was a shame for her, but good for us because we got to record two of her songs that nobody has heard before.

MARTIE: We actually worked up "Truth #2" to play live on the Fly tour and audiences reacted really well to it. It's hard to play a new song to an arena full of people and have them respond to it as instantly as they would to a hit song they've heard on the radio.

5. White Trash Wedding (written Emily Robison, Martie Maguire, Natalie Maines)

MARTIE: That one started as a silly attempt at a song by my husband Gareth and I. He came over from Ireland, with no money and the Catholic church didn't want to marry us because I'd been married before, so that's how "I shouldn't be wearin' white and you can't afford no ring" came about.

EMILY: We wrote that in about 15 minutes. I'm sure it sounds like it too. When Ricky Skaggs was out on tour with us, he opened every single night with "Pig in a Pen." We wanted to do something more like that and put some hot solos in there. Martie had started some lyrics, but it was more of a slow dance song. So we said, "Hey, let's speed it up and make it more fun."

6. A Home (written by Maia Sharp and Randy Sharp)

MARTIE: That's one of my favorite songs on the record. I know what it feels like to live in a house that's breaking apart. I remember the day I moved out -- walking through all the empty rooms in the house -- the one that was eventually going to be a baby's room, and the kitchen where I had envisioned family dinners taking place. It was such a sad feeling to know that is wasn't going to happen. I've felt the emptiness of a house that's not a home.

NATALIE: Maia Sharp wrote that song, I believe it was with her father. We had never heard of her as a songwriter. We got a CD from Paul Worley, one of the producers on our first two albums, and that was the song that stuck out on the CD. We can't wait to meet her. It's just a wonderful song.

7. More Love (written by Tim O'Brien and Gary Nicholson)

EMILY: Martie and I grew up going to bluegrass festivals our whole lives, and the group Hot Rize was together at that time, and was just such a staple of our musical diet back then. I loved them so once he left the group I followed Tim O'Brien through his solo career. We have all his solo albums, and we heard that song and once again just loved it. In Texas, he's played a lot because on Texas radio stations, you hear more Americana. I actually heard that one on the radio.

NATALIE: Martie and Emily have known Tim O'Brien forever, because they were in the bluegrass scene. Martie brought his CD to a practice and "More Love" really stuck out for me, probably because of the way our world is today. But mostly I think about Northern Ireland and the problems over there when I listen to it. Fighting in the name of religion is just something I can't get my head around. It's such a contradiction.

8. I Believe In Love (written by Martie Maguire, Natalie Maines, Marty Stuart)

MARTIE: I like this song because it's simple. Songwriters are all striving to find another way to write about love. "I Believe In Love" sounds maybe like something you think you've heard before, but the chord progression is so unique that it all feels fresh. We performed this song on the "America: A Tribute To Heroes" telethon, but it was actually something we'd written before September 11th.

EMILY: I had a doctor's appointment that I couldn't get out of on the day that Marty Stuart was coming down to Austin to write. I live about two hours from Austin and couldn't make it, and they wrote two of the songs on the album that day. I am a little bummed that I didn't get to hang with Marty and be a part of what I think are two great original songs.

8. Tortured, Tangled Hearts (written by Natalie Maines, Martie Maguire, Marty Stuart)

NATALIE: That's the other song that Martie and I wrote with Marty Stuart when he came to Austin. Marty Stuart had the idea for "Tortured, Tangled Hearts." He had thought of it on the plane. And he had a lot of lines and things already written and we just added to it and I don't remember exactly who did what. But it's just a really great song. Charlie -- Emily's husband -- says, it's going to be a standard bluegrass song and that it's about time because not very often do women write a standard bluegrass tune.

MARTIE: Marty Stuart had the original idea for the song, and I just think he's a great musician, great writer and a great personality. That's a song that came together really quick -- a perfect opportunity to pick and harmonize.

9. Lil' Jack Slade (written by Emily Robison, Martie Maguire, Lloyd Maines, Teri Hendrix)

MARTIE: Slade's been dancing to our music since he was in the womb on the Fly Tour. He came to visit mom in the studio one day when we were working up this song. He just went crazy, bouncing, up and down. This just had to be his song.

EMILY: When you come from bluegrass performing tradition, you always have an instrumental on the album or in a set just to kind of show off. It's like the drum solo at a rock concert.

11. Godspeed (Sweet Dreams) (written by by Radney Foster)

NATALIE: Radney wrote that song for his son. His wife was moving his three-year-old son to France because she'd met a new guy. He tried to change legislation and stop it but it just couldn't happen. A lot of people that don't read the credits think that I wrote it about my son Slade. I wish I had. Emmylou Harris was on Radney's demo. Usually we do songs completely different from the demo and we like to make them our own, but we pretty much copied his version of that one. Emmylou's is the only guest appearance vocal on the album and her voice comes in like an angel. It gives me chills. We got to play our version for Radney and his son, who was visiting from France at the time, and it was so interesting to see the bond between the two of them. His son still listens to that song every night before he goes to bed, and he's nine now.

EMILY: I think for Natalie having a little boy and me having a little boy on the way, this song is very powerful to us. I mean, we're in such mommy mode right now between the nesting and just starting families. This is just one of those sweet songs that we can imagine being able to sing to our children.

12. Top of The World (written by Patty Griffin)

MARTIE: I just loved that song when I first heard Patty do it and I knew Natalie could bring the same kind of emotions to it. I loved the opportunity to use the orchestra there. I hadn't read music since my S.M.U. days.

EMILY: "Top of the World" is, once again, Patty Griffin and she's awesome. That track to me is the biggest departure on this album, but I'm so glad that we did it because I think it shows a whole other dimension.

NATALIE: That's probably one of my favorite songs on the album. But on this album, my favorite changes all the time.

Platinum Awards
Gold and Platinum awards are certified by RIAA. Gold is 500,000 copies while platinum is 1,000,000 copies shipped.
gold - September 30, 2002
platinum - September 30, 2002
2x platinum - September 30, 2002
3x platinum - October 11, 2002
4x platinum - January 14, 2003
5x platinum - February 3, 2003
6x platinum - March 18, 2003
week ending - sales figures from Soundscan; figures with * from hitsdailydouble.com
  9/02/02 -- 779,828
  9/09 -- 366,657
  9/16 -- 214,313
  9/23 -- 168,000
  9/30 -- 136,267
10/07 -- 130,568
10/14 --   99,300
10/21 -- 107,625
10/28 -- 103,300
11/04  --  87,457
*11/11  --  83,919
*11/18  --  87,956
*11/25  --  90,246
*12/02 -- 140,492
12/09 -- 143,600
12/16 -- 294,938
12/23 -- 400,850
12/30 -- 259,725
1/06/03 --   97,833
  1/13 --   79,625
  1/20 --   86,788
  1/27 --   87,002
  2/03 -- 103,942
  2/10 -- 114,150
  2/17 -- 170,600
  2/24 -- 126,100
  3/03 -- 202,250
  3/10 -- 145,775
  3/17 -- 123,950
  3/24 --   71,725
* 3/31 --   45,350
* 4/07 --   36,286
* 4/14 --   30,952
* 4/21 --   42,834
* 4/28 --   32,170
* 5/05 --   32,495
* 5/12 --   33,885
* 5/19 --   18,569

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