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Release Date
January 27, 1998
Recorded at Westwood Studio, Nashville, Tennessee
Produced by Paul Worley and Blake Chancey
The Dixie Chicks released their first album with major label backing. One of the points the Chicks insisted on in their contract was that their tour band could play on one song and they did on "Give It Up Or Let Me Go". Martie and Emily were allowed to play their own instruments on the record, something that is not usually done in Nashville. This was another point the Chicks wouldn't concede on in the contract. The photos from the cover and insert were taken in New Orleans, Louisiana. In fact, the palm reader can still be found in Jackson Square. Wide Open Spaces has gone on to be the highest selling debut album by a country group.
The Band
Natalie Maines: lead vocals
Emily Erwin: harmony vocals, dobro, banjo, acoustic guitar
Martie Seidel: harmony vocals, fiddle, mandolin
Mark Casstevens: acoustic guitar
Bobby Charles, Jr: bass
Joe Chemay: bass
Billy Crain: acoustic guitar
Lloyd MKaines: steel guitar
Tony Paoletta-: steel guitar
George Marinelli: electric guitar
Greg Morrow: drums
Tommy Nash: electric guitar
Michael Rhodes: bass
Tom Roady: conga, shaker, tambourine
Matt Rollings: B-3 organ, piano
Billy Joe Walker Jr.: acoustic and electric guitar
Paul Worley: acoustic and electric guitar
1. I Can Love You Better (3:53) written by Kostas and Pamela Brown Hayes
2. Wide Open Spaces (3:44) by Susan Gibson
3. Loving Arms (3:37) by Tom Jans
4. There's Your Trouble (3:10) by Tia Sellers and Mark Selby
5. You Were Mine (3:37) by Emily Erwin and Martie Seidel
6. Never Say Die (3:56) by Radney Foster and George Ducas
7. Tonight The Heartache's On Me (3:25) by Mary W. Francis, Johnny McRae and Bob Morrison
8. Let 'Er Rip (2:49) by Billy Crain and Sandy Ramos
9. Once You've Loved Somebody (3:28) by Bruce Miller and Thom McHugh
10. I'll Take Care Of You (3:40) by John David Souther
11. Am I The Only One (Who's Ever Felt This Way) (3:25) by Maria McKee
12. Give It Up Or Let Me Go (4:55) by Bonnie Raitt
Gold and Platinum Awards
Gold and Platinum awards are certified by RIAA. Gold is 500,000 copies while platinum is 1,000,000 copies shipped.
gold - June 22, 1998
platinum - August 31, 1998
2x platinum - October 27, 1998
3x platinum - December 15, 1998
4x platinum - January 29, 1999
5x platinum - April 1, 1999
6x platinum - June 11, 1999
7x platinum - September 22, 1999
8x platinum - October 21, 1999
9x platinum - April 4, 2000
10x platinum - September 1, 2000
11x platinum - June 4, 2001
12x platinum - February 20, 2003

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