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Release Date
early spring 1991
Recorded at Sumet-Bernet Studio, Dallas, Texas, September/October 1990
Produced and arranged by the Dixie Chicks
During the recording of this album, the Chicks played the songs live and if they all ended at the same time, they kept it. They didn't do any dubbing as it was the most efficient and economical way for the album to be recorded. More than 12,000 CDs were sold in the first few weeks of the release. Most of the sales occurred at performances. It ended up with sales just under 20,000.
The Band
Robin Lynn Macy: guitar, lead and harmony vocals
Laura Lynch: acoustic bass, lead and harmony vocals
Martie Erwin: fiddle, viola, harmony vocals
Emily Erwin: banjo, harmony vocals
Special Guests:
Dave Peters: mandolin
Drew Phelps: acoustic bass on Bring It on Home to Me 
  1. The Cowboy Lives Forever (2:57) written by L. Goza 
  2. I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart (2:17) by Patsy Montana
  3. Thunderheads (4:17) by Lisa Brandenburg & Robin Lynn Macy
  4. Long Roads (2:22) by John Kirk & Lorie Lichtenwalner
  5. Who Will Be The Next One (2:01) by Angela Moore
  6. Brilliancy (2:16) Traditional
  7. Thank Heavens For Dale Evans (2:54) by Martie Erwin, Robin Lynn Macy & Lisa Brandenburg
  8. This Heart Of Mine (2:28) by Steven F. Brines and Jim Smoak
  9. Storm Out On The Sea (3:26) by Mary Neal Northcut & Robin Lynn Macy
10. West Texas Wind (3:53) by John Ims
11. Rider (2:53) Traditional
12. Green River (3:16) by Donna Cary
13. Salty (2:21) by Kenny Baker, traditional
14. Bring It On Home To Me (1:50) Sam Cooke and Charles Brown

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