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Release Date
November 21, 2003
music produced by the Dixie Chicks and Lloyd Maines
executive producer: Dixie Chicks and The Firm
recorded live during the U.S. Top of the World tour
As the name implies, this 2 disc CD is from the setlist the Chicks performed during the 2003 U.S. tour. The only cover song the Chicks sang is the Bob Dylan penned "Mississippi". No studio overdubs were done for this recording. The CD booklet included many behind the scene photos from the tour and a thank you to the fans.
With all that has happened with and around us this year, we felt it was important to document the tour and what is always most important... the music! Through all the highs and lows, one thing has remained consistant and that is the loyalty of you, our true fans. With our family and friends, you have gotten us through it all. This IS for you.
The Band
Natalie Maines: lead vocals, electric bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, papoose guitar
Martie Maguire: harmony vocals, electric mandolin, fiddle, mandolin, viola,
Emily Robison: harmony vocals, banjo, dobro, acoustic guitar, papoose guitar
David Grissom: band leader, electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Roscoe Beck: electric bass, upright bass
John Deaderick: keyboards, B-3 organ, accordion
John Gardner, drums, percussion
John Mock: acoustic guitar, papoose, Irish whistles, concertina, percussion
Keith Sewell: acoustic guitar
Brent Truitt: mandolin
Robby Turner: steel guitar, dobro
Lorenzo Ponce: string leader, violin
Matt Brubeck: cello
Linda Ghidossi-Deluca: viola
Hiroko Taguchi: violin
Disc One
  1. Goodbye Earl
  2. Some Days You Gotta Dance
  3. There's Your Trouble
  4. Long Time Gone
  5. Tortured, Tangled Hearts
  6. Travelin' Soldier
  7. Am I The Only One (Who's Ever Felt This Way)
  8. Hello Mr. Heartache
  9. Cold Day In July
10. White Trash Wedding
11. Lil' Jack Slade
Disc Two
  1. A Home
  2. Truth No. 2
  3. If I Fall You're Going Down With Me
  4. Mississippi
  5. Cowboy Take Me Away
  6. Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)
  7. Landslide
  8. Ready To Run
  9. Wide Open Spaces
10. Top Of The World
11. Sin Wagon
Gold Awards
gold - December 16, 2003

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