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Release Date
November 26, 2002
Produced by the Dixie Chicks and Lloyd Maines
This edition of Home is a 2 disc set that included all the songs from Home plus the remixed version of "Landslide" that was produced by Sheryl Crow. The second disc is a DVD that features four Chicks' videos. The album cover is a hard book cover and has 26 pages with some never before seen photos.
The Band
Natalie Maines: lead vocals
Martie Maguire: harmony vocals, fiddle, mandolin, viola, violin
Emily Robison: harmony vocals, banjo, dobro, accordion, guitar, papoose
Lloyd Maines: slide guitar, papoose, weissenborn, acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar
Bryan Sutton: guitar, papoose, baritone guitar
Adam Steffey: mandolin, octave mandolin
Glenn Fukanaga: bass
Paul Pearcy: percussion
John Mock: percussion, uillean pipes, tin whistle, bodhran
Byron House: bass
Chris Thile: mandolin
Emmylou Harris: vocals
Sara Nelson: cello
Lara Hicks: viola
Leigh Mahoney: violin
Stephanie Abdeti: violin
Track 13
Sheryl Crow: bass, keyboards
Peter Stroud: electric guitar
Shawn Pelton: programming, percussion
Lorenza Ponce: string arrangement, violin
Antoine Silverman: violin
Conway Kuo: viola
Anja Wood: cello
Disc One
1. Long Time Gone
2. Landslide
3. Travelin' Soldier
4. Truth No. 2
5. White Trash Wedding
6. A Home
7. More Love
8. I Believe In Love
9. Tortured, Tangled Hearts
10. Lil' Jack Slade
11. Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)
12. Top Of The World
13. Landslide (The Sheryl Crow Remix)
Disc Two
1. Landslide video
2. Long Time Gone video
3. Goodbye Earl video
4. Wide Open Spaces video

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